Project Manager Resume Examples & Writing tips 2023 Free Guide

Provide examples of projects where your collaborative efforts resulted in a successful campaign or product launch. As a Marketing Project Manager, you’re the conductor of a complex orchestra. Your role isn’t just about delivering campaigns, it’s about understanding the market, the industry and the customer. You’re part historian, part fortune teller – researching past successes and failures, watching trends, and predicting what’s next. Over the past few years, the ability to adapt to new digital platforms and analyze data has become increasingly important.

So let’s look at how ATS software works and how your resume can pass through this digital screening tool. But with so much of their work being intuitive, project managers may not feel the same way about the self-analytical aspect of job hunting. It doesn’t seem natural to dissect how they do what they do and why they make certain decisions.

Skills you can include on your Senior Project Manager CV

Don’t worry, even interns and junior project managers can create impressive resumes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that jobs for project management specialists will increase by about seven percent how to become a project manager between 2021 and 2031. This growth rate is roughly the same as the average for all US vocations. You can get more interviews in this growing field if you tailor your resume for each application.

It’s an effective way to show your fit for the role and increase your chances of getting an interview. Find the right skills they are looking for – align them with your technical and soft skills – and pick 5-7 skills to write on your resume. The recruiter will state the education qualifications they are looking for in the ideal candidate. In most cases, a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree will be stated in the job advertisement.

Spotlight Your Metrics and Achievements

Below is a project manager employment history resume sample. The nature of a project manager’s work varies greatly, depending on the industry and functional area. How you go about managing your projects and the attitude you bring to each one are uniquely yours. And in every instance, the impact on those around you is huge. Without a resume that is crystal clear about the value you bring to the table, you are less likely to be called for job interviews and considered for the best projects. You will more likely be forced to take on projects that are doomed to fail.

project manager resume examples